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Fruit Tower 1.9 Update!

Fruit Tower is a casual game in which the objective is to pile up fruits on the table. The fruits will appear randomly by tapping on the screen, however the game is over when even a single fruit falls from the table. In the hard mode, the metal bars which move right and left drop the fruits in an unexpected way and make the game even more exciting.

At first you will be rewarded a white crown, but when you achieve 50 you'll receive the bronze crown, at 75 you'll have the silver crown. And finally you'll get the gold crown when you reach more than 120.

Now you can purchase each fruit button only once. For instance, if you purchase the strawberry button, only strawberries will appear in the game.

Now you can receive 10 points as a daily login bonus everyday.

Added expert mode.
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- Start button (START)
- Normal/Hard/Expert select button
- Game replay button
- End button
- Star 5 button
- Twitter button
- Shows Scores and High Scores
- Game result screen
- Volume adjustment (Volume Control)
- Shows ads
- Fruit buttons
- Button to watch a video
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