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3D Coin Push 2.7.2

3D Coin Push is a very simple coin pusher game. Drop coins in front of the pusher to gain points. At first you will be rewarded a white crown, but when you achieve 50,000 you'll receive the bronze crown, at 100,000 you'll have the silver crown. And finally you'll get the gold crown when you reach more than 1,000,000. Now you will receive the rainbow crown when obtaining more than 10,000,000 points.

Now you can purchase color coins. Default silver coins are worth of 10 points and gold coins are worth 150 points. Red coins are equal to 1,000 points in value, green coins to 2,000 points and blue coins to 3,000 points. You can purchase them only once. Once you purchase color coins, they will appear randomly during gameplay.

Now the square shaped gold plates [300 points] will appear randomly. Volume adjustment (Volume Control) is available. BGM allows you to adjust the background music while SE adjusts the button click sound or coin sound. You can adjust those sounds individually.

When you push to drop a square shaped gold plate, a gold parallelepiped [600 points] will fall from the top.

When you push the gold coins forward, the slot machine will appear. Whenever you get a set of matching coins in any of the horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, the matched color coins will be added from the top.

When you push the the blue coin forward, the roulette will appear. A coin of the same color shown on the roulette wheel will fall from the top.

Now you can receive 3000 points as a daily login bonus everyday.
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- Start button (START)
- Shows Scores and High Scores
- Volume adjustment (Volume Control)
- End button
- Shows ads
- Button to watch a video
- Star 5 button
- Slot machine button
- Roulette button
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