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MazeSS3 by Unity-Chan 3.4 Update!

MazeSS3 by Unity-Chan is a 3D game in which Unity-Chan, who made it to the maze in the Sky, faces difficult obstacles and finds the gold goddess.

Demo Movie:


Level 1 (Free)
Simple game with barriers and 3 types of virus. When you hit the virus, your life decreases.

Level 1B (Free)
Besides barriers and 3 types of virus, a warp-field and rotating obstacle will appear.

Level 1C (Free)
added land mines besides barriers and 3 types of virus.

Level 2 (Paid)
Besides barriers and 3 types of virus, opening-closing obstacles, rotating obstacles and fire will appear individually. When you hit the obstacles, your life decreases.

Level 3 - 5 (Paid)
Barriers, 3 types of virus and other obstacles will appear in a complex manner in 10 different patterns.

Level 6 (Paid)
Besides barriers and 3 types of virus, other obstacles and a warp-field have been added.

Level 7 - 11 (Paid)
added land mines besides barriers, 3 types of virus and other obstacles.

Level 12 - 13 (Paid)
Added stairs. Now you can enjoy the game in three dimensions.


Added Valentine’s Day Special (Free).

When you complete the STAGE 1, you can get Life+50 for free.
Note: Once you delete the application, Life+50 will be also deleted and won't be restored.

Notes: Default life level is 100. One at time, you can purchase either +10, +50, +100, +150, or +200.
If you purchase everything, the maximum life level becomes 610.

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- Start button (START)
- Volume adjustment (Volume Control)
- Menu button (MENU)
- Shop button (SHOP)
- Restore button/Purchase button/Play button
- Select Level screen
- Select Stage screen
- Check mark for the completed stages
- Life bar
- Joy stick/Jump button
- Quit button
- Shows ads
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