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3D Fruit Shoot 1.9.1

In Pomegranate Planet, there are gigantic pomegranates floating all over, and there are fruits and vegetables turning around them. Touch only the fruits to shoot them down. If you touch other than fruits, such as vegetables, the game is over right away.
NORMAL (Normal Mode)
Strawberries, apples, tomatoes and bell peppers will appear.

HARD (Hard Mode)
In addition to objects of the normal mode, tangerines and eggplants will appear.

- The points you will obtain from each fruits you shoot down: Apple = 10 points, Tangerine = 30 points, Strawberry = 50 points.
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- Start button (START)
- Shows Scores and High Scores
- Normal/Hard select button
- Show time limit
- Volume adjustment (Volume Control)
- End button
- Shows ads
- Game replay button
- Star 5 button
- Twitter button
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