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MazeSS2 2.3.1

MazeSS2 is a board game in which you balance and lead a ball to the goal passing through complicated mazes, avoiding obstacles.

Level 1(Free)
We applied some changes to the first version of the game in order to make it easier to solve. It contains 10 simple maze patterns with holes.

Level 2(Paid)
Not only the holes, in the level 2 you will encounter obstacles such as rotating objects, sliding doors, blowing away bars and magnets. One of those obstacles will appear in each 10 maze.

Level 3(Paid)
The combination of the above 5 obstacles appear in 10 different mazes.

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- Luxurious marble game environment
- Initial screen background music
- Start button (START)
- 5 different obstacles
- Select Level screen
- Select Stage screen
- Check mark for completed stages
- Restore button / Purchase button / Play button
- Shows ads
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